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Fashion picture of a lady wearing a shell on her head relating to pearls of wisdom

Birthstone: Pearls of Wisdom in June

This month the birthstone for anyone celebrating a birthday in June or has the star sign of Gemini or Cancer (21 to 30 June) is pearl. Pearls symbolise purity, calmness, faith and truth. They are believed to bring luck, health and prosperity. Telling someone who is about to purchase a pearl that it is formed by a living organism, may not inspire them. But the facts behind how they are created is fascinating.
A glamorous woman wearing diamonds

Are Diamonds Really a Girl’s Best Friend?

Diamonds are certainly on the list of a girl’s best friend, but so too are shoes, clothes, and chocolate. Let’s just say the list is endless and that’s without giving a mention to cats or dogs. So why are diamonds considered a girl’s best friend? Is it because they are expensive or perhaps because they are bright and beautiful. Or maybe its because they have been romanticised.
Mystical Woman with emerald coloured leaves

Birthstone Emerald: Step aside shades of grey, green is the flavour of May

If you were born in May you might not know that your birthstone is Emerald. The stone relates to nature, fertility, harmony, peace and serenity. Whilst emerald as a colour is uplifting and relates to an abundance of wealth, prosperity and the emotion of love and wellbeing. Together both the gemstone and the colour make a formidable combination. With flowers in bloom and nature in abundance at this time of year, there could be no better fitting colour or gemstone.
Man and Woman posing for a picture presenting engagement ring

Make a Princess into a Queen with an Engagement Ring

This summer many people will take inspiration from the Royal Prince and choose to turn their own Princess into their Queen. We can’t offer advice on how to make the perfect proposal, where or when to pop the question. Nor can we know if the person being asked will give that anticipated answer of ‘yes’. What we do know, is that the answer will be supported with a piece of Jewellery, the engagement ring.
Man and Woman posing for a picture presenting engagement ring